Randy DiNatale

The World is Yours Music Group

Randy DiNatale CEO and founder of The World is Yours Music Group. One of the members behind the creation of Blue Lagoon Studios, Buffalo's Premier Recording Establishment. Co- Founder of International Dough, streetwear's upper echelon. He is a visionary, and an artist in business. Whether it's marketing or promotion, Randy DiNatale brings a perspective that makes a dream, reality. Behind the scenes his knowledge of the music industry has allowed him to launch a record label for all genres. Not only has he reached all genres of music, he has brought together a team for all art & media. Whether it's photography or videography, designers, painters, Randy's passion for art, and his drive have made him successful. At The World is Yours, the world truly is what you make it.

Work History

  • World is Yours Music Group
  • Blue Lagoon Studios
  • Diamonds in the Buff Studio
    Co-Owner and Producer

Notable Artists:

  • Savannah Swatland & The Sidetracks
  • Da Villy Kids
  • Grace Greenan
  • Streets Soprano


  • A&R
  • Artist Management & Development
  • Merchandise & Branding
  • Booking Agent
    • Proficient in most aspects of the music business
    • Industry connects stretching across the U.S. and Canada
  • MIDI input & editing; Keyboard & Drum Pad
  • Working knowledge of Guitar, Piano, Trumpet & Vocal performance
  • Hardworking, Diligent, and Detail Oriented approach to sessions and live work


  • Artist & Repertoire
  • Artist Management & Development
  • Merchandise & Branding
  • Booking Agent