Blue Lagoon Studio Booking Policy

Recording Studio Booking

A booking is considered "on hold" (not confirmed) until a purchase order or a cash deposit is received. Sessions must be paid in full before the session is considered 'locked in', unless alternative arrangements have been made. Funds must clear before the start of the recording session.

*Flexibility may be granted for those with a booking history

Session Start & Overtime Charges
Session start time begins at the scheduled time even if the artist is not present. Same-day start time changes may incur additional charges. Overtime is billed hourly after a session exceeds 12 hours. Overtime is 20% of the daily rate per hour or partial hour.

You must give at least 48 hours notice to cancel a studio session; otherwise, there will be a 50% cancellation fee. If a cancellation occurs less than 24 hours prior to a session, we reserve the right to collect the entire session fee.

Past Due Accounts
If an account is past due, immediate collection and legal action may begin. In addition to the studio charges, you are responsible for all legal and collection fees, if applicable. Invoices more than 30 days past due incur an additional interest charge.

Equipment Charges
Please discuss your equipment needs before booking. Additional outboard gear can be rented at an established day rate.

Software Plug-ins
If you require plug-ins with our in-house computers that are not already installed, you have the following choices:

  1. Bring your i-lock and install the software on our system;
  2. Rent the plug-in from a 3rd party;
  3. Buy the plug-in and temporarily install on our system;
  4. Bring your own computer

If you wish to install any software, the session engineer will do the install for you. Please note that upon completion of recording projects, we will uninstall and remove all software and plug-ins added by clients for which Blue Lagoon Studio is not the licensee. We do not allow demo versions or cracked versions of plug-ins on our systems.

Studio Tours, Visitations;
Occasionally tours or visitations will be provided to clients wishing to check the place out before booking time for a project. Tours and visitations are facilitated at the studio's full discretion.
- Sound-checks in the vocal booth or elsewhere may be granted during a tour or visitation; however the engineer will not begin any recording process until a session has been booked in full.

Anyone associated with the client and present at the studio. This includes band or orchestra members, significant others, booking and publishing agents, relatives, 'posse', extra hired musicians, security personnel, managers, A&R personnel, producers, etc... To achieve the highest quality product possible, it is preferred that only those members of the entourage absolutely necessary for the session attend the session.

Studio Behavior & Standards
  • Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the studio, by the control area, in the vocal booth, or in the live room. The kitchen, living room, or client lounge may be used for preparing or consuming food.
  • You are welcome to bring your own food and beverage, and may use the studio refrigerator near the client lounge. Blue Lagoon will on occasion provide light snacks during session breaks.
  • Blue Lagoon is a professional facility and as such expects the highest standards of behavior from the client and his/her entourage. Any Blue Lagoon studio equipment, walls, floors, doors, cables, stands, microphones, headphones, instruments, computers, amplifiers, furnishings, data, software, etc.... damaged either accidentally or on purpose by the client or the client's entourage will be billed to the client for the cost to clean, repair, or replace (studio option), the damaged item(s). In the case of damage, the session or project may be canceled or rebooked at the sole discretion of the studio.

Technical Difficulties, Equipment Failure, Act of God, and Human Error:
Every effort is made by Blue Lagoon Studio to ensure that the Clients' session starts on time and is extremely productive. To that end, Blue Lagoon Studio has spent thousands of dollars on equipment, training, and supplies. In addition, Blue Lagoon Studio is constantly testing, improving, and updating its equipment and facilities. Human error, equipment, software, and computer failures, and technical difficulties, (although rare) do happen from time to time, and are a fact of life. Blue Lagoon Studio is not responsible for any fees or charges incurred or demanded by the Client's Entourage as a result of Technical Difficulties, Equipment Failure, and/or Human Error. Client agrees to "hold Blue Lagoon Studio harmless" any consequences of equipment failure, technical difficulties, human error, or act of God. The Client is responsible for studio time due to Blue Lagoon Studio due to the Client's Technical Difficulties, Equipment Failure(s), and/ or Human Error. Blue Lagoon Studio may, at its sole discretion, cancel the Session and rebook the Session at a mutually agreed time if Technical Difficulties, Equipment Failure(s), and/or Human Error factors cannot be quickly fixed.

Full List of Services
  • Stereo Mixing
  • Tracking, Editing, and Vocal Tuning
  • Audio Sweetening and Voiceover
  • Dialogue Editing, and Sound Design
  • Dubbing and Mix for Film and TV
  • Mastering and Full Service Recording Studio Artist Development, Producing Services, Beats


$60.00 USD/HR


$60.00 USD/HR


$60.00 USD/HR

BLUE LAGOON STUDIOS 10 Hour Studio Package

$550.00 USD